March 29, 2012

Random Stuff

So I seem to have not really scheduled posts for this week, but I kind of figured "oh well". We all need a break sometimes, right?

But I do like having posts, and I do like having discussions/random posts, even though I don't usually post a lot of them. So lack of scheduled posts = time for some randomness.

The Hunger Games movie
So good, am I right?? I mean, everyone under the sun is making whole posts about this, with far more awesome and coherent thoughts than I could share, so I won't say much, but... yah, just very good for the most part. I went with my Mom and we bought VIP so we could have reserved seats, and I'm gladddd because after we got out of the movie the lines for the next regular shows were INSANE.

Mirror, Mirror movie
I got to attend a pre-screening of this last Saturday morning and it was cute for the most part. It was family oriented/humour-filled, like the preview showed, but with enough action to keep things interesting. I didn't love it, but I did like it. It did, however, make me even more excited about Lily Collins as Clary. She's such a good actress, and I think she's perfect to pull off sweet and tough at the same time, and she's good in both romantic and action scenes.

Jellicoe Road
I'm re-reading Jellicoe Road right now and totally falling in love with it all over again. I've had it before where I loveddd a book and then re-reading it I was a bit disappointed, but with Jellicoe it is not the case at all. I guess there's a reason why I easily placed it in my top favourite books, if not favourite books ever, upon reading it for the first time. Yah. Just SO MUCH LOVE for this book.


  1. All 3 of these are things we are interested in, yay!

    HG movie - <3!

    Mirror Mirror - hm good to know. We'll probably see it, but we're more excited about Snow White and the Huntsman.

    Jellicoe Road - SO need to read this.

  2. Yay for randomness. Saw THG movie on Friday last week and LOVED it! Though I'm pretty sure I missed bits because I'm not really good at sitting and focusing on a screen for over two hours (the computer's not the same--that's interacting). Mirror, Mirror sounds like a fun rental...not a theater thing. But lucky you and the pre-screening!

  3. That's really cool you got to see a pre-screening of Mirror, Mirror. I wasn't expecting it to be a family movie (but maybe I'm getting it confused with the other Snow White movie coming out?)
    Also, I've been meaning to tell you for a week that I got the swag you sent. Thank you so much! (Also, it's the first time I've ever seen a stamp from Canada. I was super excited about that) :)

  4. I haven't watched the HG movie yet... and I'm considering not going, because actually I didn't love THG as much as everyone else did, so I think I'll just be disappointed. :P I've read really mixed reviews for Mirror, Mirror, and it's great to hear that you at least enjoyed it! (All the reviews were really positive about Lilly Collins, too. :P)

    And Jellicoe Road -- as I was reading it, I could totally see why people were raving about it. But it didn't totally ring true with me. Maybe in the future I'll try it again, and then we'll see. :)

  5. *grins* I'm listening to Jellicoe in Audiobook!
    It's a whole different experience! I rather love it.

    I didn't like HG movie but I do wanna see mirror mirror

  6. I haven't watched THG yet. I like it when I practically have the theater to myself. lol

  7. I've heard so many good things about Jellicoe Road so I really need to read it. I watched The Hunger Games and loved it and will for sure be getting the blu-ray when it comes out.


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