Review Policy

Review Policy

Last updated October 27, 2014

Despite its length, I hope that this review policy is fairly comprehensive in explaining the types of books I like, and what you can expect from me as a reviewer.

Types of books I enjoy: I will accept almost any type of YA fiction, though I have a particular interest in contemporary YA and romance. You can view my favourites and five star plus shelves on Goodreads for a better idea of the types of books I enjoy. I also review a lot of New Adult fiction and the occasional Adult romance.

I do NOT review: I will not accept any non-fiction titles, short stories, poetry, or verse novels. I am also no longer accepting most small press and self-published novels.

Formats: I would be glad to review both ARCs and finished copies of novels, as well as eBooks (in ePub format).

Series: I love reading series, but I don't like reading them out of sequence. If you would like me to review the latest book in a series I haven't read, I may be willing to go back and start from the beginning (either through copies provided, or by getting them from the library) if the series sounds particularly appealing to me.

Review Schedule: Blogging is, of course, a hobby for me. I try to keep up to date with review books, but I also review books from my personal collection and the library. Work and personal life can also "get in the way" of blogging, so an immediate review may not be possible (2 - 3 months from when I accept the book is about average). I try give review books precedence in my "To Be Read" pile, and while I generally review books as soon as I read them, I would be happy to post reviews closer to publication date for any ARCs/eGalleys I receive (if requested).

Right to Refuse Review: If I receive an unsolicited copy for review that does not fit my interests I reserve the right to not post a review. If this happens, I will either donate the copy to my local Goodwill book store or pass it along to a local book blogger. I will post a review for every book I request or accept by email unless there are extenuating circumstances (which would then be communicated with the author/publisher by email).

What My Reviews Contain: I do not receive any type of monetary compensation for writing reviews on this blog, and therefore my reviews contain honest opinions. I will post my true thoughts about a book, whether I liked or disliked it. I do try to keep all my reviews constructive, however, and I generally add in positives and negatives for each book I read.

The actual content of my review is as follows:

  • An image of the book cover
  • The book's release date, publisher, number of pages, series (if applicable), and where I received the book from
  • A synopsis of the book (generally from Goodreads, Amazon, or the publisher’s website)
  • My personal thoughts on the book. I tend to focus on character and plot elements, but I might also mention language or setting if these elements of appeal are heavy in that particular title
  • A star rating from 1 – 5. See my full rating system below for a better idea of how I rate the books I read.
  • Links to the book on Goodreads (I also publish my reviews there), Kobo,,, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository (or other applicable purchase links if these aren't available)

Promotion: Authors, publishers, and fellow bloggers, feel free to contact me if you want to set up any type of promotion, whether it be through an interview, blog tour, guest post, or giveaway. I am generally open to hosting these types of events, though the book being promoted should be a good fit for Book Labyrinth's audience. I am also cutting down on the amount of promotional posts that I schedule, so please let me know if you have a timeline for when you'd like the material posted, or if getting the post up within a few months is acceptable.

Please contact me at with any questions about my review policy or any other issues or comments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I receive a large volume of review requests, and keeping up with all of them can be difficult. I am also really bad at saying no, and I feel terrible when I have to reject a review request. Therefore to keep my stress levels low, I will only reply to personal review requests (e.g. ones that address me by name, that show you've visited my blog), and for the most part I will only reply if I accept your review or promotion request. Thank you for understanding.

Rating System

I use a starred rating system, with ratings given from 1 - 5. Sometimes half stars will be given, and these will be justified individually. As a general rule, here is how I assign stars to the books I have read:

5 Stars = Absolutely amazing books which deserve incredible praises. Well written, original, and have that elusive "unputdownable" quality to them.

4 Stars = Books which I really liked, where the writing flows, the characters are appealing, and the plot is particularly enjoyable or interesting.

3 Stars = Fun reads which I enjoyed, but are not particularly groundbreaking or dynamic.

2 Stars = The book was alright, but I either couldn't get into it, or I thought the writing or plot was lacking in some way.

1 Stars = A very rare rating. Reserved for books which I completely disliked and would not recommend.

Contact me at if you have any questions about my rating system.


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