February 9, 2011

Most Read Authors

As you may have noticed, Goodreads has been adding all kinds of features lately, one of which is called "Most Read Authors." Kristi over at The Story Siren posted about her Most Read Authors, and I thought it would cool to do the same. I'd love to hear about yours, as well!

1. Meg Cabot
Books Read = 43

This one doesn't really surprise me. Meg has written about a zillion books: I haven't even read all of them, I don't think. The crazy thing is that all these ones I've read by her? I own them too. The Princess Diaries, Heather Wells, Mediator, 1-800-Where-R-U, Queen of Babble, etc.

2. Francine Pascal
Books Read = 35

This one surprised me at first, because I would never expect that name to be up there, but then I remember my Fearless series collection. So yah, that's what this is. Never mind all the Sweet Valley books written/not really written by her that I devoured as a kid/tween.

3. Robin Jones Gunn
Books Read = 31

Another non-surprise. Robin Jones Gunn is a Christian author who I really love. I own the Christy Miller series and Sierra Jensen series which are 12 books each, plus the Glenbrooke books (stand-alone Christian romances that are loosely connected and based in the same Oregon town; so good!), Sisterchicks books, Katie trilogy, and her stand-alones.

4. Kate Brian
Books Read = 24

I love Kate Brian/Kieran Scott so much, but I didn't realize I had read 24 by Kate Brian already. I LOVE the Private books, and the Privilege books are good as well. I think I've read all her stand-alones, though I'm not the biggest fan of them, except 'Megan Meade...' which is amazing.

5. Melissa de la Cruz
Books Read = 16

This one was a surprise! I like Melissa de la Cruz, but I didn't realize how many of her books I had read. Most of the Blue Bloods, The Au Pairs, the Ashleys (middle grade series that I had to read just because of their names, haha), plus stand alones. I so wish that the 'Girl' series had continued!

TIE for 6. Hailey Abbott
Books Read = 13

Really wasn't expecting Hailey Abbott to be on the list, mostly because I didn't even know she had 13+ books, for some reason. She wrote all those 'Boy' and 'Summer' books, and my friend Mistee owns them, so I was reading them over the past few years. A couple favourites = 'The Bridesmaid' & 'Getting Lost With Boys.'

TIE for 6. Emily Franklin
Books Read = 13

Emily wrote the Love books, starting with 'The Principles of Love.' This is quite a good boarding school/coming of age contemporary series, but I haven't heard a lot of people talk about her books. She also wrote three 'Chalet Girls' novels, and some adult and YA standalones.

TIE for 8. Louise Rennison
Books Read = 10

No guessing with this one. The Georgia books! Too hilarious. I can't wait for 'Withering Tights' to come out over here.

TIE for 8. J.K. Rowling
Books Read = 10

7 Harry Potters, probably my favourite series ever. Then there's 'Tales of Beetle the Bard', 'Quidditch Through the Ages', & 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'

TIE for 10. Scott Westerfeld
Books Read = 9

Uglies series (amazing!), Midnighters books (also very good), + first two Leviathan books.

TIE for 10. Sarah Dessen
Books Read = 9

Funny how one of my favourite authors is at the bottom of this list. However, she's one of my favourites because of the amazing stand-alone contemporaries she writes, and these are all of her books. I could technically say I've read more (okay not really) because I own two different versions of 'Keeping the Moon' and I have the 'How to Deal' bind-up as well as 'That Summer' and 'Someone Like You' individually.

TIE for 10. Janet Evanovich
Books Read = 9

Ugh, I don't even know how I managed to read 9 of her books. I was just making a comment about the Stephanie Plum books last night on someone's blog. I own the first book and I think it's so funny and ridiculous and slightly amazing. The next few are fairly decent, as well. However, instead of making Stephanie a ridiculous but still smart and strong woman, as the series went on Evanovich turned her into someone who does STUPID things, endangering her life by being foolish, NOT brave. And don't get me started on the Stephanie/Morelli/Ranger love triangle. The second Ranger became a "love" interest I was like "are you kidding me?!", and I moved on pretty quickly after that.

So, those are my most read authors. Who are yours?


  1. Wow. Cool list. You are super devoted!

    I bounce around alllot. I've read the 3 Sarah Addison Allen books and I've read almost all of Alice Hoffman's.

  2. We have a few in common.

    Meg Cabot (The Mediator) and Scott Westerfeld (The Uglies)

    Wow, you have read A LOT of Meg Cabot books!

  3. I'm not surprised Meg Cabot is at the top, but I am surprised at the number. It never seems like that many until you count them up!

  4. Hum. Gonna have to go & check that out! Saw the post on Story Siren & was intrigued. Now, I want to know. LOL!

    The Book Swarm

  5. Wow, you own a LOT of Meg Cabot books! I thought I had a decent collection with all 6 of the Mediator books, 8 of the Princess Diaries, a 1-800-Where-R-U book and Avalon High...but you put my collection to shame :P

  6. I didn't even know Meg Cabot's written that many books, let alone read them all! That's impressive Ashley, I clearly need to get on the Meg Cabot train and read some of her stuff. I read Insatiable and really enjoyed it and I'm dying to read Abandon, so maybe I need to go back and pick up a few more:)

  7. Great post. :) I saw Kristi's yesterday as well. I think I may go and post mine now. :) You have a great list here.

    I also have Francine Pascal on my top lists of 'Most read authors' because of the Fearless series, ha ha.

    I was obsessed with them for a while! Haven't read all of them though.


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