March 21, 2011

Books For Thought (1)

Books For Thought is a weekly feature at La Femme Readers where each Monday Eleni posts a book-related question up for discussion.

This week's question is...
Which book would make a great TV Show?

I suppose in order for a book to be a good TV show it needs to either be a series or something high concept, because otherwise the plot of the book would run out within a few episodes. There are a lot of books I could see being great movies, but a great TV show would take a little something extra.

Here are some suggestions:

Private series by Kate Brian -- these books have already been turned into webisodes, so there's obviously a production value to them. They would really be perfect for a CW series, though. There are plenty of characters, and there are so many crazy happenings in each book that you would definitely be able to make a series out of them.

Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter -- this is a book series AND it's high concept; I dare you to tell me that boarding school for spies doesn't sound like a cool TV show.

Ruby Oliver books by E. Lockhart -- It would be easy to draw these books out into a series, what with all the different boys and scenarios that play out. Plus couldn't you just see Ruby writing a blog or making vlogs, and having either the videos or voiceover as a main style of the series?

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead -- So I guess these ones are becoming a movie series, but each book could easily be a season of TV. More time with Rose, Adrian, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, etc? Yes please!

So I guess my suggestions all turned out to be book series.

What do you think? Which of your favourite TV series would you like to see on the small screen?


  1. I love this post! I completely agree that the Gallagher Girls series would be great as a TV show. I'd love for it to be made into one XD

  2. Vampire Academy was the first one I thought of. Someone also mentioned Ghost and the Goth - that's a good one too.

  3. Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl series would be AWESOME to watch on TV! Like a teen version of Alias but with more girls kicking serious butt! :)

  4. I can't explain how happy I would be if Vampire Academy got made into a TV series, I would probably just stare at my TV for the 6 days it wasn't on, just waiting for the right night:) LOVE THOSE BOOKS!

  5. Yes to VA! I would just love that! I think that the Summer series by Jenny Han would make a good miniseries ;)

  6. Amber & Liz: YES, totally like a really cool teen girl Alias. Fun stuff.

    Jenny: Haha yes, an understandable reaction!!

    Melissa: Ooooh nice, that would definitely be a good mini-series! Books that would make good mini-series leads me to a whole other stack of books...

  7. Haven't read any of the series you mentioned but I always thought Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt would make a great TV series.


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