March 29, 2011

Books For Thought (2)

Books For Thought is a weekly feature at La Femme Readers where Eleni posts a book-related discussion question.

This week's question is...
If books didn't exist, what would be your other hobby?

I'm sure the first reaction for all of us is "WHAT? Nooooooooo!" Screams of anguish, etc. Also, without books my chosen career path would also be gone, unless libraries still existed as information centres for documents and community centres for programming.

A world without books is a scary place, but assuming that TV shows and movies still existed, I would probably watch more of those than I already do. (I know, right? Is this even possible? I watch so much TV.)

I would probably listen to more music, too, because music is another type of storytelling. And I'd likely do more cross stitch than I do currently, because I like doing that, but I can't do that AND read, unless it's an audio book, which I'm not a big fan of.

So what other hobbies would you focus on if books didn't exist?


  1. What a scary thought. I think I'd focus more on crafts, like cross stitch, which I like to do when I'm in between books. I'd definitely watch more tv without books.

  2. Wow... i think i would fall abck on my artistic side. Before I started reading i was a BIG anime/catoon drawer. I'd always had pen and paper in hand. recently i drew Ash and Puck from the Iron Fey series.

    But now reading has taken over, but i still love to draw just not as much lol

  3. I'd be doing a lot more crafts too - knitting, sewing, cross-stitch. I would say that I would write more, but I guess that falls under the category of books.


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