February 19, 2013

Marissa Meyer is coming to Toronto

Marissa Meyer at Indigo Yorkdale
See Indigo Events for full details.

Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder and Scarlet, is coming to Toronto! I am such a huge fan of these books, so I will definitely be making the trip to go see her.

As an added bonus, Raincoast Books is giving their bloggers a chance to win an interview with Marissa, which sounds like an amazing opportunity!

One question I would ask Marissa:
As you get further into the Lunar Chronicles is it harder to pull the stories together and manage different narrators? Whose points of view can readers expect to find in the next book, Cress?

Have you seen Marissa on one of her book tours? Or will you be coming to the event in Toronto? I'm so looking forward to it, and whether or not I get the chance to interview Marissa I will definitely be featuring an event recap on my blog.


  1. I will definitely be attending this signing! I am a huge Marissa Meyer fan as well. She is so sweet to work with. I have already had the wonderful chance to interview her so I won't enter but this is a great contest!

  2. I recently attended her book signing and it was so interesting. She's really awesome. Before the signing I didn't know that there were four books in this series. Also, I think the point of view of Cress is Rapunzel. I think you should ask her where she got the title, Cress.

    1. I believe Cress comes from Crescent Moon... but it's so interesting to see how everything will all connect!


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