May 9, 2011

Top Ten Book Boyfriends + Swag Giveaway

Top Ten Book Boyfriends

This post was inspired by a Top Ten Tuesday post where the topic was "Fictional Crushes". I didn't have a post ready for then, so I thought I would attempt one now. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone (I hope they'll forgive me! ;)), but here they are. Ten of my top picks to be my book boyfriend:


1. Adam Wilde from If I Stay / Where She Went -- Oh Adam. Tortured emo rock musicians aren't usually my type, but Adam is just so gorgeous... and I don't just mean his looks. Is it weird that his deep and true love for Mia is what made me fall for him?

2. Roger Sullivan from Amy & Roger's Epic Detour -- Roger will always tell you the truth, he'll give you his sunglasses when you've been crying, and he'll never tell you goodbye. All this while also making awesome playlists? Please sign me up for a road trip with him ASAP!

3. Jacob from North of Beautiful -- He is a little bit damaged himself, but he makes up for it in positivity. He is so, so lovely: kind, quirky, and funny.

4. Adrian Ivashkov from the Vampire Academy series -- Somehow I fell in love with Adrian despite his propensity for smoking and drinking (both of which I hate). How is this possible? Richelle Mead's genius, I suppose. I was always a Rose/Dimitri shipper, but I just adore Adrian. He's charmingly cocky and he has an ability to always tell you how he feels.

5. Wes Baker from The Truth About Forever -- Wes is the originator of the SA-WOON, so what more can you say? Well, he is artistic, intelligent, and kind. Plus if you're into the bad boy thing, he was in reform school.

6. Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road -- Jonah Griggs is just ah-mazing. He's a tough army cadet who cares insanely about Taylor, but he won't take any crap from her either. He has that slightly damaged quality to him, but he's so incredibly caring and protective.

7. Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss -- One of the best things about St. Clair is that he's charmingly flawed. He's pretty short, which is a bummer, and he has this massive fear of heights. Oh, and sometimes he makes really stupid decisions based on fear. But wait! He's also confident, smart (history geek alert!), and funny, and he can be a really great friend.

8. Zachary Moore from Shade / Shift -- Hot Scottish accent alert!! For real, Zachary is smoking. But he's also incredibly patient, caring, and protective (not in a possessive way, either). Zach is just... well, you'll have to experience him for yourself to understand his true magic.

9. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games trilogy -- Yup, I'm totally Team Peeta. Peeta is loyal, patient, giving, and brave, PLUS as a bonus he can also bake incredibly pretty and delicious things. What's not to like?

10. Jesse de Silva from the Mediator series -- On the downside, Jesse is a ghost, so that's a big problem unless you're a Mediator like Suze. However, how can you not fall for Jesse? He's all hot and Spanish, plus he's from the past, meaning he has very good manners (it's important, ladies!). Of course he's also a borderline bossypants, but it's in a hot, protective way, so you can forgive him.

Swag Giveaway

To celebrate the awesomeness of Zachary I'm going to give away two pairs of Shade/Shift bookmarks:

To enter just...

- Two winners (1 pair each, first winner gets the signed pair)
- Entries accepted until May 16 at 9 am EST
- Open internationally

So what about you? Who are your top book boyfriends?


  1. I actually just made a goodreads shelf dedicated to my favorite YA male love interests. Great minds and all that :D

    My favorites are Dash from Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, Tucker from Unearthly, Julian from The Forbidden Game trilogy and Adam from If I Stay. Swoon swoon swoon swoon swoon.

  2. Oh you have some fabulous fictional boyfriends on that list Ashley! I couldn't love Peeta anymore if I tried, and Adrian definitely grew on me with each VA book and by the end he was impossible not to like. I just got Shade and Shift last week, so I can't wait to read about Zachary!

  3. Absolutely LOVE Adam, Etienne, and Peeta. Also Mr. Rochester from JANE EYRE, lol. I know he's a bit old, but I love that hot & cold, forbidden love feeling. Also Wes from THE DUFF -- *swoon*!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Honestly, I try not to think too hard about my literary crushes because then I just get depressed that they don't actually exist, and then my brain hurts from thinking about the vast number of perfect boys who I can never have... I will say that Ethan Wate from Beautiful Creatures and Jay from The Body Finder would definitely be up on my list.

  5. Oh Roger, how I love thee. James and are taking an epic detour ourselves this summer (US road trip = month and a half long). I was telling him about this book and I was like "You need to be like this sweet!"

    ps. Did you hear about the job?

  6. I've read books from 3 of the ones you listed. The Truth About Forever was one of the first YA books I read that got me hooked on YA so will always have a soft spot in my heart for Wes.

  7. What a fun list! I love Adam, Roger, Etienne and Peeta. Adrian is a charmer too- I can see his appeal. Will have to read The Truth About Forever soon and look out for Wes.

  8. Lamia, I am totally going to have to check out that Goodreads shelf. You inspired me to create the same type of one.

    Britta, I totally need to read 'Beautiful Creatures' ... it's on my TBR list. And Jay!! Heck yes. He is definitely on my longer list, lol.

    Katie, that trip sounds like so much fun!! Have a great time.


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