August 5, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (9)

"Stacking the Shelves" is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews where bloggers can share the latest books they've received and discover new titles while visiting other blogs.

Here's what I've received in the past 2 weeks:

From Library:

- Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger
- A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young

Loving the Parasol Protectorate books so far... the first one has been my favourite, but I'm still looking forward to the next couple.

For Review:

From Edelweiss:
- Rebel Heart by Moira Young

From Raincoast Books:
- Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally
- Outpost by Ann Aguirre
- Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

SO, SO excited for Rebel Heart, but I need to read a few other books first. I already read Stealing Parker and it was perfect! Just as good as Catching Jordan.


- Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty
- The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
- Vacations from Hell by Libba Bray etc

We brought some books to donate to the Goodwill Bookstore and of course I had to look and see what they had. ;) I picked these three up for $8 total, which was a bargain I couldn't resist.


From Avery
- Mister Death's Blue Eyed Girls by Mary Downing Hahn
- Rift by Andrea Cremer

From Sara
- The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Avery & I met up with Sara for the first time (yay for finding new local bloggers!) and we all exchanged some books. I already read Rift based on Avery's recommendation and it was pretty fabulous!


  1. Great books. :) I've read Feeling Sorry for Celia (the author has another book called Finding Cassie Crazy that I enjoyed too).

    Enjoy your reads!

    1. Oh yah, I think that one is released as "The Year of Secret Assignments" over here. I think it's the same series, too, although I think it's a loosely related series?

  2. Uhhg. I requested Rebel Heart but I got denied. I'm jealous. Blood Red Road was my favorite book last year and I can't wait for this one! Hope you enjoy! My STS

    1. So weird, I have no idea why I get approved for some things and denied for others. =(

      Blood Red Road was SO GOOD, so I'm really excited for this one.

  3. AHHH!!! YOU GOT REBEL HEART AND OUTPOST AND STEALING PARKER!!! I'm so jealous. Darn Raincoast Books for being a Canadian company. You Canadians get the best books. I need to move. Heh. HAPPY READING! :)

    1. I pretty much squeed when I knew I was getting Stealing Parker and freaked out even more when it arrived. And Rebel Heart excites me to no end as well... I want to read it TRES soon.

  4. Awesome books!! Stealing Parker looks sooo good! And I can't wait to get a copy of Girl of Nightmares!

    And the Parasol Protectorate series!! I just read Gail Carriger's newest YA one and it was AWESOME! Now I want to get my hands on this series!

    Enjoy your reading!

    1. YES, I think it's a prequel to the Parasol Protectorate series, like set in the same world... so I'm intrigued to see how it fits in, and/or which characters might overlap.

  5. STEALING PARKER??? LUCKY!!! I so want to get my hangs on that book!!! :)

    Gail Carriger I heard has some great books! She's really awesome! I got to meet her in February at an event and she dressed all Steam Punk, it was pretty great! :)

    1. That's so fun! The books are definitely enjoyable... love the characters.

  6. I got Outpost and Rebel Heart too and I cannot WAIT to read them both. I am a huge fan of both series. Enjoy your books this week!

  7. I really liked Soulless, but I need to finish the rest of the series (especially since I own all but the most recent book!). Vacations from Hell looks fun! :) Great haul! & happy reading!

    My Stacking the Shelves

    Randi @ Cardigans, Coffee and Bookmarks

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