October 25, 2013

Fractured by Sarah Fine

Fractured by Sarah Fine
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Amazon Skyscape
Pages: 357
Series: Guards of the Shadowlands
Review Source: Netgalley

Synopsis: (from Goodreads)
In the week since Lela returned to Rhode Island as Captain of the Guard with Malachi as her second in command, local news has been dominated by chilling sightings of human-like creatures running on all fours. Lela knows there’s only one explanation: the Mazikin have arrived in the land of the living.

Needing to maintain the appearance of a normal life for her foster mother, her probation officer, and her classmates, Lela returns to Warwick High along with Malachi. At night they secretly hunt for the Mazikin nest. To assist, two new Guards from very different parts of the Shadowlands are assigned to Lela’s unit, including the bad boy Jim, who repeatedly challenges Lela's authority. Lela struggles to keep all her Guards on the right side of the law, but their mistakes come at a terrible cost.

As one painful revelation follows another and the Mazikin start targeting those closest to her, Lela finds herself more vulnerable than she’s ever been, wanting a future more than she ever has. With an enemy determined to separate soul from body, one question remains: how much is she willing to sacrifice to protect those she loves?
My Thoughts:
I feel the need to point out that this is definitely not a happy story. Does that need to be pointed out, when the first book takes place in a version of hell for suicides? I’m not sure, but yes, this is a great book, but one that was definitely tough to read at times. There are some good moments, but they quickly dissolved into angst and pain and despair. While this sounds pretty horrible, it really is a good book (I feel like it's somehow necessary it keep pointing this out).

Fractured picks up where book 1 (Sanctum) left off, fighting the Mazikin in the human world. Our characters are trying to prevent them from taking over people, and are attempting to figure out and stop their end game. While a lot of the “twists” in the book are generally predictable, they still bring about some major feels. There were definitely moments when I was flailing (in a horrified way) and crying. It takes talent to bring about such visceral reactions, and Sarah Fine has talent in spades.

One thing I’m always impressed by in Fine’s writing is how intricate the world building is. Even though we’re physically in the human world for this book there were many details revealed of the different afterlife options, and also about the Mazikin. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this in the next book.

Fractured definitely leaves its readers with a cliffhanger. We’re left with a big decision and a question of “what now??”. There are such big things on the horizon for this series, and it definitely made me wish there wasn’t a big wait for the next book. If you’re looking for something happy and light, I’d strongly recommend you find something else (Cinderella Screwed Me Over, anyone? So cute!), but if you’re looking for something intricate and gritty, I’d really suggest you check out this series. I know I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the third installment.

The Cover:
A little busy, but gorgeous!!


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  1. I'm not reading this just yet since I'm posting my review soon, but I peeked at your rating. Yay 4 stars! So excited for book 3.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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