June 20, 2011

Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren

Release Date: June 1, 2011
Publisher: David C. Cook
Pages: 399
Series: River of Time #2
Review Source: eBook from author for review

Synopsis: (from Goodreads)
Mom touched my underdress—a gown made six hundred years before—and her eyes widened as she rubbed the raw silk between thumb and forefinger. She turned and touched Lia’s gown. “Where did you get these clothes?”

Gabi knows she’s left her heart in the fourteenth century and she persuades Lia to help her to return, even though they know doing so will risk their very lives. When they arrive, weeks have passed and all of Siena longs to celebrate the heroines who turned the tide in the battle against Florence—while the Florentines will go to great lengths to see them dead.

But Marcello patiently awaits, and Gabi must decide if she’s willing to leave her family behind for good in order to give her heart to him forever.

My Thoughts:
Like I mentioned in my review of 'Waterfall' I was so thankful to have 'Cascade' ready to read. I just wanted to keep reading about these characters and this fabulous historical Italian setting. Overall, 'Cascade' did not disappoint. The book starts off focusing more on the romance aspect of the book, but very quickly action and adventure become part of the story once again. This book, even more than the first, features an intense struggle for survival.

The thing I really like about these books is that there are real consequences. People truly get hurt, and some people die. There's a real possibility that one (or some) of the main characters may not make it, so the level of tension throughout the book is high. There's no easy way out for the characters, which I appreciate. However it's not all doom and gloom. This book is heavier on the romance, and what a steamy romance it is! However, steamy does not equal sultry. If an author can write steamy romance merely with words, gestures, and a few kisses, that is talent! I'd so much rather read about a strong emotional connection, where the reader truly understands the characters' feelings.

I couldn't help but have a couple of little issues with this book, however. I thought Gabi was giving up on the present a little too easily. I thought there could have been some more options in her head. However, she was still quite realistic about everything, making sure to put her family's wishes first, and I appreciated that. One thing I wanted to know more about is the Time Tunnel itself and how it worked. Even if the answer to its mysteries are related to faith, I just want to know more about it, so I hope that the third book will answer a few questions as the storyline gets wrapped up. I'm glad, though, that Gabi mentions that she's clueless about how the time travel works. At least it shows why the whole thing isn't explained fully.

I feel a bit more on the fence with this one than the 1st novel, mostly just because I want some answers and conclusions, and this book, like the first, leaves the reader at a bit of a cliffhanger. However, I still wholeheartedly recommend this series. The action is thrilling, the romance is amazing, and the characters are full of such life. I haven't read such enthralling books in quite a while.

One little side note: there was something that kept making me giggle, which really wasn't supposed to. Luca is one of the knights, and Lia is Gabi's sister. Now cue me laughing whenever "Luca and Lia" were mentioned together. Star Wars, anyone? Yah. Geek alert!


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  1. Hahaha you are too funny Ashley! I probably wouldn't have noticed the "Luca and Lia" thing, but now that you mention it, it's going to make me giggle while reading too:) I'm loving the sound of this series, I like how you describe the romance as hot and steamy but it's done in a few kisses and touches and a really strong emotional connection. The emotional aspect is always what gets me:)

  2. LOL! GREAT...now that's all I'll see when I see their names together...luckily, I loved the Star Wars series! Thanks for the review!


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