June 3, 2011

Six Moon Summer by S.M. Reine

Release Date: April 29, 2011
Publisher: Self-Pubbed
Pages: 198
Series: Seasons of the Moon #1
Review Source: eBook for review from author

Synopsis: (from Goodreads)
Rylie's been bitten.

She's changing.

And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie's parents force her to attend summer camp, but she's just as miserable at the girls' camp as she was at home-- there's nothing vegetarian for her to eat at the mess hall, she hates hiking and archery, and the other campers taunt Rylie mercilessly. One night, the bullying goes too far, and Rylie runs away. She doesn't get far. It's a full moon, and she isn't alone in the forest.

She wakes up unharmed in her cabin the next morning with no memory of what happened. The only sign something has changed are the healed scars on her chest, her increasingly keen senses, and her sudden craving for raw, bloody meat.

A boy from the other camp seems to know what's happening to her, but Rylie isn't sure if she can trust herself with Seth. He's way too cute and he knows way too much.

Rylie soon learns that she only has until the end of summer before she becomes just like the monster that attacked her: a man-eating werewolf hungry for human flesh. Unless she can find a cure, she's going to transforming at the end of the summer and lose her life to the hunger.

My Thoughts:
‘Six Moon Summer’ isn’t necessarily the type of book I’d usually read. I’ve been reading more paranormals lately and definitely enjoying them, but I’m not a big fan of werewolf stories. That being said, I had a good time reading this one. I thought the book started off a bit rough. Rylie begins the book as quite the annoying character. She whines and feels bad for herself instead of trying to make the best of her situation. Likewise the mean girls at camp seemed a bit unrealistic. They seemed too old to be so cruel for no reason at all. Rylie’s love interest, Seth, is an interesting character. He’s very mysterious and, I thought, untrustworthy, so it was interesting to see how Rylie relied on him. If I were her I definitely would’ve been demanding some answers!

As I read on, I found myself enjoying the book more and more. S.M. Reine is very good at descriptive writing, especially with Rylie’s changes on each moon and in between. It’s a very easy to read book: a page-turner despite a lack of dialogue, which I think takes a great deal of talent. I definitely enjoyed the 2nd half of the book more as answers were being given and the action was at an all-time high. I was also pleased that Rylie became a tougher character who showed some initiative and some backbone.

I would have liked some more closure at the end, maybe a final scene between Rylie and Seth. However I can understand why the author left the book as it is, because it sets up things nicely for a Book 2 without leaving readers with a total cliffhanger. There were a few weaker spots in the book (Rylie back home with her friend and what happened to her father), but overall I definitely enjoyed reading ‘Six Moon Summer’ and I think if you’re a reader of werewolf stories you would like it even more than I did.


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  1. A vegetarian who turns into a meat eating werewolf? Oh my! Sounds interesting, glad there was character growth and more action as the story went on.
    Werewolf stories are hit or miss with me in general.
    Thanks for introducing this title!


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