June 4, 2011

Month in Review [May]


Number of...

Books Read: 27
Books Reviewed: 11
Challenge Books Read: 5 for Debut Author Challenge, 1 for The Contemps, and 1 for YA Historical Fiction Challenge
eBooks Read: 17 [including Netgalley/GalleyGrab titles]
Library Books Read: 13


Book Read: Divergent by Veronica Roth
Female Character: Tris from Divergent. She absolutely made my favourite heroines list. Honourable mention to Chelsea from Past Perfect.
Male Character: I have to list Tom from The Piper's Son because he was the main character, and I adored him even when he was a prat. But love interest wise, definitely Four from Divergent.

List of Books Reviewed:


  1. I applaud you for the number of books you read in one month. You are putting me, a bookworm, to shame ;D

  2. How the heck do you manage to read 27 books in one month? I'm happy to read 10!

  3. I need to read some more books for the Contemps Challenge too. I'm so impressed that you always manage to read so many books a month.

  4. You had an awesome month Ashley! We have the same favorite book too. Tris is a great character.
    Hats off to you!

  5. Very productive month Ashley :)
    Not only did you read alot of books, but you managed to review many of them as well!
    You also made good inroads on your challenges...

  6. Whoa Ashley! 27 books read? That's amazing and I am in awe:) I have to do the same thing as you though, I read way more books than I actually review just because I need to be able to read for fun sometimes too and not think about how to sum up my reaction to a book.

  7. You have been a busy girl! Go, Ashley!

  8. Divergent deserves to be best book. I'm in love with the story and characters <3


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