July 3, 2011

Month in Review [June]


Number of...

Books Read: 25
Books Reviewed: 18
Challenge Books Read: 2 for Debut Author Challenge, 1 for The Contemps, and 2 for YA Historical Fiction Challenge
eBooks Read: 16 [including Netgalley/GalleyGrab titles]
Library Books Read: 5


Book Read: It doesn't get much better than Blood Red Road.
Female Character: Saba from Blood Red Road is so awesome, and I also loved Raisa from Threads and Flames.
Male Character: I can't pick one! Jack from Blood Red Road is epic, so he's probably my very favourite. But I also adored Daniel from The Gathering, and who can forget Marcello and Luca from Waterfall & Cascade?

List of Books Reviewed:


  1. Wow! You read 25 books last month? That's awesome! :)

  2. Wow you are a reading machine!

  3. oh my gosh. you were on fire!

    i had such a lazy month in june *hangs head in shame*

    i loved BLOOD RED ROAD as well :)


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