January 8, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway from Anthea Sharp


Feyland is the most immersive computer game ever designed, and Jennet Carter is the first to play the prototype. But she doesn’t suspect the virtual world is close enough to touch — or that she’ll be battling for her life against the Dark Queen of the faeries.


Tam Linn is the perfect hero — in-game. Too bad the rest of his life is seriously flawed. The last thing he needs is rich-girl Jennet prying into his secrets, insisting he’s the only one who can help her.


Together, Jennet and Tam enter the Dark Realm of Feyland, only to discover that the entire human world is in danger. Pushed to the limit of their abilities, they must defeat the Dark Queen… before it’s too late.

Guest Post from Anthea Sharp:

Thanks, Ashley, for having me here at Book Labyrinth! My YA urban fantasy Feyland: The Dark Realm went on sale in the middle of December, and I’m excited to be here to share some of the story behind the book.

Feyland blends high-tech computer gaming with the Realm of Faerie. While I don’t have actual experience with the faeries, I am a gamer girl. From the early days of Zork, to World of Warcraft, I’ve spent time enjoying fantasy-based computer worlds. A couple years ago, I started thinking about the similarities between the experience of gaming and the tales of mortals who are transported to fairyland.

Both are fantastical experiences, full of magic and danger. Time is distorted, with mere minutes translating to hours passing in the outside world. Despite its dangers, mortals are fascinated by the lure of the magical realm, and pine for it—sometimes desperately—when back in the real world.

What if, in a near-future world, computer games immersed the player even more completely? And what if, somehow, a game became a portal to someplace even more fantastical—the Realm of Faerie? Those were the musings that planted the seed of Feyland in my mind, and the more I thought about it, the more fun I had imagining the story, and all the troubles my characters would face, both in-game and out.

The game of Feyland will feel familiar to anyone who has played a fantasy-based MMO—that is, until the magical elements appear and start skewing the game-play. My favorite part of writing the story was throwing all kinds of crazy curveballs at my hero and heroine. Just when they think they have things figured out, everything changes again. Not only is the game messing with them, they each have their own issues to sort out, plus an attraction that threatens to upset the delicate balance of their in-game alliance.

Even though there are a few inside references, the reader doesn’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the story—just a fan of adventure mixed with a bit of fantasy and a touch of romance.

I’d be delighted to answer any questions people have, and thanks again to Ashley for inviting me to guest post. Tell me about your favorite computer game in the comments and enter to win an e-book of Feyland!


- 1 winner will win an eBook of "Feyland" (all formats available)
- Open internationally
- Ends January 15 at midnight EST
- Winner will be chosen using random.org; their email address will be forwarded to Anthea who will then supply them with their preferred format of eBook

To enter to win, please leave a comment and fill out this form.

You can find Feyland on Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N

You can find Anthea at http://www.antheasharp.com (YA) and http://www.anthealawson.com (Historical Romance)

Thanks so much for stopping by, Anthea! I loved hearing about the real-life gaming inspiration behind Feyland. =)

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