January 3, 2012

Tempting Tuesdays (Week 1)

It's Week One of the 'Some Girls Bite' read-along and I'm psyched to be taking part. The read-along is being hosted by Jenny, Tina, Rummanah, & Missie, and you can find out more details about the read-along by clicking on the banner above.

Here are the questions for Chapters 1 - 4:

1. Let’s say tomorrow a “vampire manifesto” as Merit calls it runs in newspapers across the country announcing their existence. How do you think you would react? If you were hesitant to believe initially, what would it take to convince you they were real?

I think I would be skeptical from the beginning. I would think it was a joke because of the popularity of vampire movies, TV shows, and books. And there are so many fake news sites out there, like the Onion, that I just wouldn't believe right away. I think I'm too logical to believe it without proof. I guess I would need to see evidence in person in order to believe, or at least hear from credible news sources.

2. Since being turned into a vampire means complete removal from your former life and a new job serving your House in some capacity, what do you think you would miss most about the life you live now?

I think I would just miss the idea of freedom in general. It's so easy to take our lives for granted, and I think I would be like Merit and not want to give in to people's demands. I am really big into free will and choice, so I would fight the idea that someone could just take over my life like that.

3. What are your first impressions of Merit and how she’s handling all the changes in her life?

If anything I think she's taking it all in stride! I would expect a bit more drama about missing out on growing old, about being alive when your family and friends are no longer, etc. I guess based on the past two questions I'm a bit too existential to be a vampire. =b

4. When you first read the description of Ethan, what actor/model/person you know pops into your head as the perfect embodiment of him? Feel free to include pictures ;)

I think just based on the hair and physique (plus Mallory's mention of him) I keep thinking about David Beckham, but that doesn't quite work for me. Is it too on the nose to pick Alexander SkarsgÄrd for a hot blonde vampire? I think he totally works for Ethan, but I can't wait to see everyone else's choices.

5. Do you think Merit’s anger at Ethan himself, not the situation, is justified?

I think it could be justified in a way. When it comes down to it, it was Ethan's decision to change Merit, and that's a very personal action that he needs to take responsibility for, even if he thought he was doing the right thing. I think Merit's anger in general is completely justified, and whether she's angry at Ethan or not she needs an outlet to express that anger, and he's the easy target.


  1. I fully support your choice of Alexander as Ethan, I can see him filling that role quite perfectly:) If I were Merit, I would definitely be angry at the situation as well, like you said, I like my freedom and being able to make my own decisions and some of that certainly gets taken away from her since she has to serve Cadogan House and Ethan. Thanks for participating this week Ashley!

  2. Be still my heart!! I love Alexander and I think we have all seen him naked....hands down a great pick for Ethan...:D

    And I think your right, Ethan needs to take some of responsibility for ending Merits human life!

  3. You and I obviously have great taste in men as we both have Askers in our posts (although I picked someone a little different for my Ethan). I though Merit being angry was justified, but just not the way she focused it on Ethan - he DID save her, after all. I'd be hell bent on finding fanged fiend who hurt me in the first place.

  4. I can already picture a Snopes article on whether or not the Vampire Manifesto is real or not, can't you? ;) As much as I love vamps, I'm with you in not finding to be one so alluring. I think what made Merit stand out for me is that she's just your everyday girl who had her life planned out. She had zero interest in vamping out and couldn't care less really.

  5. It would take some real evidence for me to believe as well. I can see people drinking blood, gross as that may seem. But I'd have to see fangs lowering and biting into a neck just before I pass out before I would believe. And maybe skin burning in the sun. And supernatural speed. And any other things we've learned about vampires. It would take a lot to convince me too.


  6. I'm with you on being logical. Nothing wrong with that. I'd also miss my freedom.

  7. *thinks back to the day I met Alex and sighs happily*

    Alex is often my first choice for possible male leads when I'm picturing a fictional man. As soon as the character is described as blond, I see Alex. LOL

  8. I with you on Alex being Ethan totally. DeAnna

  9. *high five* for free will. lol. I would have a problem with that too. Even while reading this, I kept thinking that would not fly with me.

    I'm glad you decided to do the read-along.

  10. Stares at Alex. *sighs*
    I agree with Missie, when the fictional character is described blond Alex pops up in my head too ;)


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