January 10, 2012

Tempting Tuesdays (Week 2)

It's Week Two of the 'Some Girls Bite' read-along and I'm psyched to be taking part. The read-along is being hosted by Jenny, Tina, Rummanah, & Missie, and you can find out more details about the read-along by clicking on the banner above.

Here are the questions for Chapters 5 - 8:

1. In what is a make you blush, steamy scene in the book- Chapter 5 has Ethan and Merit sharing a few hot moments after Merit's hunger strikes...that is until Ethan becomes a total cad! What do you think of him so far? Strong, masterful vampire, conceited playboy.....lover boy in disguise?

Honestly I was like "are you fracking kidding me?!?!" (sorry, been watching a lot of Battlestar lately) ... it's like this whole vampire world with Masters and hierarchy is so hard for me to accept. I get the appeal of Ethan, and I feel like he's going to get much better in the future, but at this moment?? What a presumptuous so and so. But okay, upon further reflection I don't think he's a total jerk. I think his position, his long life, and him being ensconced as a Master in this crazy vampire world have skewed his perception. He really thinks what he's offering is an honour, instead of the horrible insult that it is to Merit.

2. Merit and Mallory begin some major training in these next few chapters, resulting in cool Katana Sword facts and Ninja moves. What is the most physically challenging or adrenaline fueled event/activity you have participated in?

Oh gosh. I have never ever been a sports or outdoor person, so I don't really have a lot of experiences to choose from. The one really cool thing I've done is gone whitewater rafting. It was so long ago, but I remember it being a lot of fun and a lot of work, with all the paddling you have to do when you're not in the rapids.

3. Mallory and Catcher have sparks so intense they almost fly off the page.....what do you think of this cozy couple? Did you like the insta-love between them? Do they add to the story?

Honestly, they kind of bore me. I like Catcher by himself, but the insta-love is kind of annoying. I believe in insta-connections, but insta-love? Not so much. And him suddenly being a constant presence was just kind of weird. I think both characters add to the story in different ways, but putting them together like that just seems like a convenient way to tie two important characters together.

4. Lets talk Bff's....Mallory is hands down a terrific friend to Merit, the girls relationship is real, down to earth and fun....not to mention hysterical. What is your favorite memory or favorite thing to do with your bff? Feel free to share pics!

Probably the coolest thing I've done with a friend is go to England together! But I have a lot of good memories with that same friend. We've written stories together, gone to concerts together.... just all kinds of cool stuff. In general when it comes to friends I'm really big on just hanging out together at home, like just talking or playing games (yes I am a huge board game nerd, and some video games too) and stuff like that.

5. Things are starting to heat up in the mystery department...the set up at Red, Morgan's flirty appearance.... Catchers vague answers......as correlation day gets closer for Merit do you think someone is out to get her...or maybe recruit her to another house? Or PS- feed her some more food...because goodnight this girl likes to eat!!!

I definitely think there is something big (conspiracy type of big) going on, and I feel like Merit is at the centre. I don't know who is out to get her, but I have a feeling they will keep trying to hurt her. As for why is Merit the catalyst? Totally not sure.

And re: Merit's love of food - so awesome! Considering all the shaming of food that goes on in a lot of books it's refreshing to hear about a heroine who loves to eat. Of course it's convenient that she can't gain an ounce from all that delicious food now that she's a vampire, but I suppose that's another story altogether. =b


  1. "He really thinks what he's offering is an honour, instead of the horrible insult that it is to Merit."

    Exactly. I just want to pat his cheek and shake my head at him for not realizing how insulting he was truly being:) And I've always wanted to go whitewater rafting, that would be a blast!

  2. Ethan can come off as such a total jerk but, luckily, Merit can give as good as she gets. Personally, in those first couple of books, I really wanted to kick Ethan's butt or maybe get him drunk so he'd chill a bit.

  3. I agree about Ethan, I don't think in his era it was considered an insult.
    Hey a trip through England with a friend sounds like fun.
    I am with you about Merit. More sausage please.

  4. Sometimes you wonder if he thought the whole "wanna be my mistress" thing with his other part of his anatomy. Ahem. I'm surprised that you don't like Catcher and Mallory. I do think they are a bit much sometimes but they always manage to make me laugh.

  5. I'm with you on the Catcher and Mallory thing. My opinion might change later on if there is more interaction between them, but for now... eh.

  6. I have to say though, if he was to ask ME, I'd be in his bed before he finished the sentence LOL

    And, I'm totally jealous of getting to go to England!

  7. Yeah, I'm not digging Ethan either, but like you, I'm hoping he'll redeem himself soon.

    I love England, and I would have loved it more if I could have gone with my BFFs! I bet y'all had a blast! :)

  8. See, I think because I liked Catcher so much I really wanted to see more of Mallory and Catcher's relationship. I'll deal with a little insta-love if I'm feeling the connection too. But I agree it's just annoying/frustrating to see it happening from the sidelines.

    And England with your bff?! You win for best experience ;) I would love to do that with a friend!

  9. i love that you've gone whitewater rafting! That one is on my list - looks like so much fun! And I pretty much agree with you on Ethan, oh, and Catcher too - I would L-O-V-E to get him alone **nudgenudgewinkwink*.

  10. I just can't cut Ethan a break for that remark. He ought to be up with how the world works if he mingles with humans which he obviously does since the Cadogan House drinks from humans. Though I don't know how that works. Maybe humans just line up outside the house to be donors. Anyway, I think he knew how insensitive his offer was. And AMBER was right in the other room!!

    England with anyone would be major win! With a BFF would be icing on the win!


  11. Ive always wanted to try white water rafting, I think that is one thing I could do, as long as it wasn't ocean water with sharks. Im guessing you cant WWR in the ocean....I have nightmares about sharks....(is that weird)??LOL....

    So I agree with you Ethan is a hot mess....but I cant help but kinda have the hots for him...;)

  12. I knew I wasn't alone who didn't like the insta-thing between Mallory and Catcher. They are individually awesome, together they need to build up more before jumping in the bedroom. I am just sayin!
    That is so awesome! I want to visit another country with my friend. I wouldn't mind visiting my neighbor country either as long as I am with my besties. XD

  13. I am a huge board game nerd too! :) and I agree, I'm trying to get my footing around everything going on surrounding merit. I don't have very many theories at this point, but I can't wait to see what is going to happen!

    Here is my post:

    ch 5-8 discussion


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