September 19, 2012

Avery flails over The Vampire Diaries

And now for something completely different...

The Vampire Diaries:
Avery's Top Ten Moments of Season 3

Hi y’all! I’m Avery from Avery’s Book Nook and Ashley, my best book friend, has been kind enough to let me take over her blog for the day!

Despite not being a fan of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES books I am a huge fan of the TV series adaptation and therefore I thought that it would be fun to count down the Top Ten Moments of Season 3 in preparation for the fourth season which premieres on October 11th (well, at least my top ten favourite moments, as you will notice I am biased towards Damon- sorry Team Stefan-ers!). 

***Be forewarned there are MAJOR spoilers included below- proceed with caution!***

10. Klaus literally tearing apart the neighbourhood: This was perchance the most ridiculous scene that I have ever witnessed on this show and therefore I couldn't NOT include it- from ripping up the neighbour's white picket fence and using it for dart practice to threatening the gang with a rolled up burning piece of newspaper and a propane tank. Just when you thought that Klaus couldn't be anymore crazy he proves you wrong. 

9. When Elena walked into the ball: The look on Damon's face when Elena walked into the Lockwood house? Priceless. But one criticism I have of this scene? WHO HAS A BALL GOWN JUST LYING AROUND IN THEIR CLOSET? If Caroline, perchance the most anal character of the series doesn't have one, then what are the chances that Elena would? 

8. Tyler Revealing to His Mom that He’s a Werewolf: I have to throw in a token Tyler moment and this is one of my most favourite- when he reveals to his mom his true heritage.“You don’t know about me, do you?” “Know what?”  This was such a moment for Tyler and his mom, without a doubt my most favourite. Can you say goosebumps while watching this scene? 

7. Everyone waiting for Alaric to die: How many parental figures do Jeremy and Elena have to lose? And how many bad things does one single individual go through? Especially one so undeserving as Alaric as he is hands-down the most selfless character in the entire show. When Alaric and Elena walked out of the tomb and we saw every important figure in his life waiting out there for him, in support of his choice, I admittedly lost it. 

6. Klaus's Crush on Caroline: Despite being an utter douchenozzle I can't help but like him whenever he is around Caroline- she truly brings out a better side of him. He's so childish and innocent and not at all his usual conniving self. He's like a puppy whenever he sees her, he lights up. And when he tells her that he'll show her the world? My heart may have melted just a little. Oh, and that dress that he chose for her? GORGEOUS. 

5. Stefan's Revenge on Klaus: Admittedly for the past couple of years I have described Stefan as a wet noodle- he literally had no personality for the longest time and hence, was as interesting as a wet noodle. But bad Stefan? Well, he slowly started to grow on me. And when he pulled this little stunt? Full blown like (not love, that's reserved solely for Damon). 

4. Elena and Damon Making Out at the Hotel: I'm pretty sure that the world breathed a collective sigh of relief when Elena finally jumped Damon. Plus, this scene has one of the most epic songs of the season. 

3. When Rose says she betting on Elena and Damon: I think that Rose hits the nail on the head when she explains how each of the boys is good for Elena. So who will Elena choose (since I refuse to accept her chose at the end of the season)? The guy who will love her until the end of the world or the guy who brings out the best of her, making her stronger than she ever thought possible?  

2. Damon and Elena's Initial Meeting: Do you understand what this means? Elena says that things might have been different had she and Damon met first- well, guess what?!? They did! And should she go through the transformation process (which is basically a given, seeing as if she isn't around there really isn't a point to the series, no?) then the compulsion that Damon put on her will be reversed and she will remember. *Cue fangirl squealing*

1. The Last Eight Minutes of Season 3: As I recently told Ashley I can pick out at least 5 EPIC moments in the last 8 minutes of the season- from the car crash, to Rick dying, to the look on Damon’s face when he realizes what Rick’s death means, to Elena drowning, to Jeremy then realizing what Rick’s death means, to Damon running through the hospital looking for Elena, to Dr. Fell admitting that she ‘helped’ Elena, to Elena’s reawakening. Okay, so more than 5- 8! Furthermore, as I recently said on Twitter, these 8 minutes could very well be the most epic 8 minutes of my entire life- I don’t know if I have ever experienced such a wide array of emotions in such a short period of time before, from flailing to sobbing to goosebumps and the likes of.

And there we have it- my most favourite scenes of season 3 (an extremely hard decision to make- at one point in time I had about 30 scenes). What about you- do you agree with my choices? If no, what are some of your most favourite scenes?

When I asked for guest posts Avery said "A COUNTDOWN OF THE FIVE GREATEST MOMENTS IN VAMPIRE DIARIES HISTORY" (for real, all caps). I told her she should definitely come on my blog and flail about TV, because, well, we love TV and The Vampire Diaries, and there is a YA lit connection there. Well, the Top 5 clearly became a Top 10, and all from Season 3. I have to say, these little scene recaps have me totally psyched for Season 4.

Thank you, Avery!! Can you people tell how much book and TV flailing we do when we get together? Avery is a very encouraging friend when it comes to these matters. ;)


  1. Thanks for this article. It has sated my VD fix while I wait for October!

  2. I've never seen Vampire Diaries *ducks and cowers* Don't throw things at me! I know I need to watch it...

    1. You definitely should! I rolled my eyes when I first heard of it, but after a couple of episodes and everyone going insane over it I quickly caught up, and I've never regretted that. Honestly I think it's one of the smartest shows when it comes to characters and plot. Things that would take a whole season on another show happen so quickly in one episode in TVD.

  3. Omg I have to get up to date on this series. I stopped watching like halfway last season. Not because I didn't like it I just got super busy.

  4. YES! Great, great moments! I can't wait until Season 4!!

  5. You picked some great ones!! Love this! I can tell you want Elena to choose Damon but I want her to choose Stefan. When Elena is with Stefan, Damon is at his best. I would miss the faces he makes too much.

    1. I love Damon's character, but I'm all for Stefan/Elena as well.


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