August 2, 2011

Month in Review [July]


Number of...

Books Read: 34 (I'm insane, I know)
Books Reviewed: 14
Challenge Books Read: 0
eBooks Read: 25 [including Netgalley/GalleyGrab titles]
Library Books Read: 7


Book Read: I can't pick! Torrent & Ruby Red are very different (although they do both involve time travel), and are equally fabulous. And I have to mention the Morganville Vampires books, which blew me away (hence reading all 10 released books within a week).
Female Character: Audie from Into the Parallel -- Audie was just really awesome, and I loved how much she loved science. She's just a refreshingly normal girl who, oh yah, happens to be able to transport herself between universes.
Male Character: I'm having a tough time picking between Shane and Michael from Morganville Vampires. Michael is all responsible and smart (plus he has that musician thing going for him), but Shane is all rugged and protective.

List of Books Reviewed:


  1. 34 books Ashley! Wow! That's craziness, color me super impressed:) And I'm so glad you're loving the Morganville vampires, I can't get enough Shane:) LOVE!

  2. Wow you reading machine! Hope you have another great month.

  3. Wow you're amazing! I don't blame you for reading all 10 Morganville books in a week. I totally would have done that too- they are like candy. So addictive. Thanks for the tip about Waterfall! Hope you read many great books in August :)

  4. Holy canolli! That's a lot of books! I'm seriously impressed (and, yes, a bit jealous). I have BITE CLUB waiting for me right now...might have to jump into that.
    Happy reading!
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  5. I love The Morganville series too but I am definitely a Shane girl. I think it is his snarky attitude. And WOW 34 books this month. Can you please lend me some of your speed reading powers :)

  6. 34 books read and 14 books reviewed? Holy goodness, that's pretty epic. And I love the variety of books you reviewed. :)

  7. oops ~ it lost my first two comments, so myc last one was a test :D

    anyways, you are insanely inspirational.

    i am a little jealous as i have been in a reading slump lately :/

    you are such a prolific reviewer!

    x Nomes


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